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"I know what makes him cry and I know what makes him cum. So I win."
My co-worker, on her ex.  (via rhymez)
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Why would anyone want to imitate The Purge in real life? Why not choose a better movie, like Space Jam?

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Should our hero’s hands be holding this blackest purse

Mom am I failing or worse?

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Sometimes I want to scream at you until my throat tears and you understand that leaving me was the worst thing you ever could have done because I am flawless and a big fucking deal and you will never find anyone who will love you as much as I loved you and I’m not even sure you deserve to find a person who will try until you figure out your shit
Part of me also wants to curl up in a ball and leave tear streaks down my face so the next time I see you you’ll know how you split me right in half and you’ll feel every night I spent with my face in a pillow thinking of all the reasons I would leave me if I were you and all the things you’ve told yourself about how bad you wanted to get out and how much happier you are without me so that you can fucking sleep at night
The rest of me wants to ignore how much anger and sadness and gut-wrenching insecurity I feel by pouring it into numerous someone elses- you were probably right that I did want to sleep with everyone you accused me of wanting to sleep with and you’re goddamn right that I would still go back to the person I loved before you but none of that comes close to stifling how deeply you ruined me even before you left.
I hope some nights you feel empty, I hope some nights every person you’ve destroyed or manipulated sits in your brain until you have to reach out to the next person you’ll use to heal your wounded ego and then throw away once you’ve used her. I hope you are irreconcilably devastated by the thought of what you’ve done to the people who have given you everything. And despite all of this, I would still be waiting on the other end of the phone to tell you you’re not the person your actions say that you are, even though my common sense tells me you are in fact that heartless.

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i feel like i owe not being a weak ass bitch to going to public middle school 

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i love the term “partners”
are we dating?
are we robbing a bank?
do we run a legal firm?
are we the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies and are members of an elite squad known as the special victims unit?
who knows.

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"[Clinical Depression is] not really negativity or sadness anymore, it’s more just this detached, meaningless fog where you can’t feel anything about anything — even the things you love, even fun things — and you’re horribly bored and lonely, but since you’ve lost your ability to connect with any of the things that would normally make you feel less bored and lonely, you’re stuck in the boring, lonely, meaningless void without anything to distract you from how boring, lonely, and meaningless it is."
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"Is this making you feel better at all?"

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"The sex drive of men is something we are all comfortable with in this country. It’s funny and hormonal and slapstick (American Pie), it’s potentially uncontrollable, maniacal/homicidal (American Psycho), it is adulterous and is insatiable (American Beauty), it is fun and social (American Graffiti) and it is entrepreneurial (American Gigolo). But women? No. NC-17. XXXX. Stop it with the moaning."
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